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Terrington Tigers
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Terrington Tigers FC

Player Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

Membership Registration Form

Charter Standard certificate



1. Name

The Club shall be called Terrington Tigers Football Club, hereinafter referred to as the Club.

2. Objectives

a) To provide Association Football for boys and girls aged up to 18 years old.

b) To promote the playing of the game of football and to partake of the game in such a manner as to promote healthy competition and rivalry in accordance with the laws of football and the codes of conduct of the club for Players, Coaches, Officials and Spectators / Parents and to enter suitable Leagues and Competitions

3. Membership

a) Membership is open to any boy or girl upon payment of a subscription and includes their parents as custodians of the child.

b) Associate membership is open to any person upon application to the Management Committee. Applications to be sponsored by a parent member. A subscription is payable.

4. Management

The club shall be managed by a committee, which shall be called the Management Committee, which shall comprise of:

a) Chairman
b) Vice Chairman
c) Secretary
d) Treasurer
e) Team Managers & Assistant Managers
f) Club Welfare Officer

The Officers and Members of the Management Committee shall be elected at the A.G.M.

Team Managers and Assistant Managers shall be elected annually.

The Committee will meet once per calendar month or as seemed necessary but no longer period than six weeks in season.

5. Annual General Meeting

The AGM will take place within eight weeks of the close of the Football Season.

The Management Committee will set the date of the AGM.

Twenty-eight days notice of the date of the meeting will be given.

The Treasurer will present a full and audited statement of the Club Finances.

6. Extraordinary General Meeting

An EGM will be called by the Chairman when deemed necessary, allowing fourteen days of notice. Or when the Chairman receives a petition signed by 25% of the current membership.

The Chairman shall have 14 days notice to inform members.

The meeting will then be called within two weeks.

7. Alterations and Amendments

Alterations and Amendments to be constitution or rules shall only be made at the AGM.

Notice of proposed alterations or amendments to be considered at the AGM shall be submitted to the Secretary no later than thirty days prior to the date of the AGM and such proposals will be published with notice of the AGM.

8. Disbandment of the Club

In the event of the Club being disbanded the Secretary will call a Special General Meeting in order to discuss the disbandment of Club funds and property. Four weeks written notice must be given to all members in the event of any such meeting. In winding up the assets of the club funds and assets are to be handed over to Norfolk County Football Association in accordance with associate membership rule 23.

9. Finance

No Officer or member of the Management Committee shall act as auditor. Official receipts for all monies received shall be signed by the treasurer. The Management Committee shall authorise cheques to be signed by at least two of its Officers, once of which must be the Treasurer.

10. Subscriptions

Subscriptions will be payable annually and will be fixed at the AGM.

11. Rules and Regulations

The Club shall have the status of an Affiliated Member Club of the Norfolk County Football Association by virtue of its affiliation to membership of the Football Association. The Rules and Regulations of the Football Association Limited and parent County Association and any league or competition to which the club is affiliated for the time being shall be deemed to be incorporated into the club rules.

The club will also abide by the Football Association’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and the Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

12. Club Complaints Procedure
In the event that any member feels that he or she has suffered discrimination in any way, or that the Club Policies, Rules or Code of Conduct have been broken, should follow the procedures below. 
1. They should report the matter in writing to the Club Secretary or another member of the Committee, if your complaint is pertinent to Child Protection then address the complaint to one of the Club's Child Protection Officers. 
2. This will then be dealt with by the Club Complaints Committee.
Your complaint should include: 
• Details of what, when, and where the occurrence took place. 
• Any witnesses along with their statements. 
• Names of any others who have been treated in a similar way. 
• Details of any former complaints made about the incident, date, when and to whom made. 
• A preference for a solution to the incident. 
2. The Club's Complaints Committee will then arrange a meeting to be held at the earliest convenience so that all parties can discuss the complaint. 
3. The Club's Complaints Committee will comprise of at least five Committee members of which two must comprise of either The Club Chairman, the Secretary or the Treasurer and in all cases of Child Protection issues, the Club's Child Protection Officer, will have the power to: 
• Warn as to future conduct. 
• Suspend from membership. 
• Remove from membership any person found to have broken the Club's Policies or Codes of Conduct. 
• Determine whether any Child Protection issues should be referred to an official body, ie. The Police. 
The Club Complaints Committee will not make judgment on squad and team selection issues. 

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